Kris’s Story

Kris’s Story

Kris Franken, natural health journalist.
Homeopathy has become my saving grace countless times since I discovered its powerful healing first hand.As a journalist who specialised in natural health, I had researched the subject of homeopathy many times, but never tried it myself. Then, in 2012, my son got whooping cough. He was 15 months old,and the antibiotics he was prescribed seemed to be making him feel worse.

I knew I needed a natural alternative, so I looked around for a local homeopath as I had read that homeopathy was safe for kids and effective in treating whooping cough.

The ‘whoop’ sound in his cough was getting worse at night, and that was

becoming so stressful on him and us. I knew he needed something powerful, so when I met Michelle Hookham from Hills Homeopathy, I felt real hope that she could help.

Michelle chose a remedy for my son and within 24 hours the ‘whoop’ was gone. He was clearly feeling so much better within himself, mainly because he was able to sleep soundly but also because his body was gently re-energised from the remedy. The underlying cough continued for around two months after he recovered, but it didn’t disrupt his sleep too much.

To be honest, it felt like a miracle. After a few days he was almost back to normal, with bright, shiny eyes and plenty of energy. For the first time I had seen homeopathy work brilliantly before my eyes, and now I wanted to know more!

Since then,I’ve studied homeopathy with Michelle and used it many, many times at home. As a mum it has been a real relief for me, especially now I can use it to treat acute illness or upsets in my two children. It's like having the magic pill, the secret to good health.

I’ve treated clinginess, colds, flu’s, fevers, hangovers, gastro, allergic reactions, hay fever, heartburn, bruises, grief, indigestion, PMS, insect bites, nausea, ear infections, bloody noses, headaches, anxiety, coughs, sore throats, colic, insomnia, toothache, teething, and so much more.

This is Michelle's definition of homeopathy: "Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on natural laws. It is the second most widely used medicine in the world and is recognized by the World Health Organisation. Homeopathy can treat people suffering from a wide range of conditions. The medicines are made in a unique way, which results in them being very dilute, yet still able to have a medicinal effect. Treatment is holistic and prescriptions are tailored to each individual’s specific symptoms and characteristics. Homeopathy can be used in conjunction with other medicines and therapies. It can be used at any age and stage of the lifespan, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding."

If I ever feel there’s something big going on with myself or my family, we’ll go see Michelle. I’ve seen her for depression and anxiety, and my family have seen her a few times with their own issues.

The confidence I have now as a mum is amazing, I know more about common acute complaints than ever. I worry less. I have seen for myself how incredibly effective and safe homeopathy is for my family and I’m so grateful to have it as a much-loved part of my first aid kit.