Facilitation and Training

In addition to her consulting, Michelle is keen to share her knowledge and insights with training programs that provide practical support in a dynamic group environment. Michelle has provided education and training in a variety of settings and tailored programs to meet the specific needs of each group. These include workshops for carers, clinicians and organisations in managing challenging behaviour in the context of mental health, to more formal presentations at conferences on a range of topics related to homeopathy and mental health.

Michelle also has a variety of programs for the general public, including learning how to use homeopathy safely at home, nurturing self-worth and ‘pop-up’ topical events such as reversing adrenal fatigue naturally and how to improve your mood naturally.

“Thanks so much for your presentation yesterday!It was a valuable session, we received some great feedback, and there was certainly a buzz among the mums after the program.”
- Peppercorn Services Family Group

Homeopathy in the Home

Do you know that there are safe, natural and effective ways to treat common acute ailments at home? This course is 3 hours a week for 4 consecutive weeks. It covers basic homeopathic principles, concepts of health and disease, how to prescribe homeopathy safely at home and 16 very useful homeopathic medicines.

If you would like to know more about the philosophy of homeopathy to support your treatment or would like to know how to prescribe homeopathy safely for acute ailments, this course is ideal.

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"I have found the course invaluable in helping with acute complaints in my home. I really do believe in the power of homeopathy, but that aside, I still am surprised and baffled at HOW it works!!”
GV, Sydney"
"The homeopathy first aid course which Michelle conducted was informative and clearly presented. I felt confident that I could safely use what I had learnt to treat a variety of common ailments. There was sufficient time between classes to absorb the information and the opportunity to ask questionsand take part in discussions was invaluable."
AW, Sydney

Transforming Communication and Thinking

A Thinking Environment is a set of conditions that help people to think well for themselves. These skills can be easily incorporated into everyday communications and can transform relationships, family and team dynamics.

Michelle is an accredited TE facilitator and can run programs for groups, services and corporations.

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"I felt very listened to in a deep way and learned more about how to listen."
“I noticed the difference in how I felt when others gave me their advice as opposed to just listening and encouraging me to think for myself - exciting and empowering!”
“Now that I realise the valuable effect it has on my own thinking and that of others I am more conscious of allowing the space for others to speak without interruption.”

The Key to Confidence and Self-Worth

This program is designed to help you unlock and break unhelpful cycles of negative thought. By tackling and working through these at a deep level, new patterns can be established that will support you to develop confidence, healthy self-esteem and self-worth.

Stop that inner-critic from running the show, and help you feel happy in the 'skin you're in'.

The program is based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach and can be run in small groups or in individual sessions as needed.

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"I will be able to put this into practice in my clinic/workplace."
“Thankyou so much for this gift of awareness Michelle.”