Homeopathy and Mental Health

Homeopathy and Mental Health

Mind/body connection

Homeopaths have a different perspective on mental/emotional disease. We do not consider the mind separately from the body. It is part of the whole person and any expression of disease – mental, physical or emotional, represents the alteration in health. Importantly, Hahnemann established the mental/emotional state as the chief ingredient of all diseases. In all case taking, mental/emotional symptoms are considered – even in acute ailments. For example, a child with ear ache who is clingy and whining will have a different homeopathic medicine to a child with ear ache who is irritable and dissatisfied.

“My long term vision is to provide holistic healthcare for people living with mental/emotional dis-ease.”

- Michelle Hookham

Established history

Homeopathy has an established history with mental/emotional disease. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy, was one of the first physicians to treat people with mental illness with kindness and compassion.

If you would like more information, this article explores Hahnemann's philosophy on mental/emotional disease.

Hookham, M., Homeopathy and Mental Health, Hahnemann's Perspective. Similia, Volume 26,
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Complementary skill sets

In Australia, regulations prevent homeopaths from stating that they can treat mental illness. However, I have found homeopathic medicines invaluable to relieve symptoms in many cases of anxiety, depression and post-natal depression. The medicines can be used safely with other medicines and therapies. There are times where I have been providing therapeutic support for people and if they are open to it, to supplement their care with a homeopathic medicine to relieve acute distress or grief, for example. There have also been times where people have requested homeopathy for anxiety and depression who have required a mental health assessment and collaboration with other health professionals.

Seek specialist for care

If you have a diagnosed mental illness and you want to supplement your care with a natural medicine, it is advised to discuss this with your treating medical doctor or psychiatrist. Always consult with a practitioner who is registered and who has specialist qualifications to be able to monitor your mental health and liaise with your treating team.