What to expect in a consultation


The initial consult for a chronic health problem is 2 hours. This gives you time to fully express the nature of your complaint and time for me to perceive the underlying cause. Often people say “Two hours?” thinking that there is no way they could fill two hours talking about their health. However, they are equally surprised that the time has passed so quickly and has come to an end.

As we journey together, tracing back to the origins of where the problem started and linking that with patterns that have recurred throughout life, people often connect this underlying cause for themselves, which is deeply therapeutic.

It is my aim in practice to find the homeopathic medicine that matches both the external physical expressions and symptoms as well as the deeper, often mental/emotional, aspect in each case. For me, this is when we get the most profound healing with homeopathy.

Acute consults refer to consultations for minor ailments such as coughs, colds, flu, stomach bugs etc. These are 30 minutes and can be over the phone for regular clients if needed.

Follow ups are 2 – 4 weekly and may take up to 1 hour.

I also allocate phone-in time for you to ask questions about your treatment if needed.

Regular follow ups initially will ensure that you get the opportunity to experience my own unique method of powerful mind-body work combined with homeopathic health care and therapeutic support at its best.

Mental Health

Mental health consultations are 1 hour and every 1 – 2 weeks initially, then as needed.
During the first session you have the opportunity to fully express your current challenges and to establish goals of what you would like to achieve. From there, consultations unfold according to your individual needs in a flexible and holistic way.

Cost, payment and rebates

Clients who invest into their unique individualised treatment with regular follow-ups experience the most profound benefit from homeopathy and mental health. Treatment can then evolve as we connect with the underlying mind-body cause of what is wrong, work through layers of dis-ease and restore dynamic health.

Homeopathy 1st consult (2 hours): $350 + GST
Homeopathy Follow ups: $175 + GST
Homeopathy Acute consults: $90 + GST
Mental health consults (1 hour): $175 + GST
Short phone consults: $90 + GST
Discounted rate for pensioners: $140 + GST

* Payment can be made by cash, cheque, eftpos/credit card at the time of consultation. Most major health funds provide rebates for homeopathic consultations, depending on your level of cover.

Mental Health

Medicare rebates are available for people on GP Chronic Disease Management plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements (TCA).

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service provision is available for people who are on self-managed or agency-managed plans.