Homeopathy Background

Michelle studied homeopathy at the London College of Classical Homeopathy, UK, graduating in 1998 with a Licentiateship of Homeopathy (LCCH). This provided a strong foundation in the philosophy and practice of classical homeopathy and enables her to work as a professional homeopath in Australia. Michelle has been in practice for over fifteen years. She is registered with the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) and is a member of the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA).

Michelle is passionate about the profession of homeopathy. She is a recent past National President of the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) and is the recent past Chairperson to the International Council for Homeopathy (ICH). Keen to support practitioners, Michelle created a substantial teaching resource on behalf of the AHA: Homeopathic First Aid Course Teaching Package, which is now available overseas. Michelle has also published articles in reputable homeopathic journals.

Holistic Healthcare

Michelle finds that skills from both modalities overlap beautifully to provide a holistic, flexible and highly individualised approach to care.


Masters of Mental Health Nursing, USYD, 2018.
Credentialed Mental Health Nurse (CMHN).
Licentiate of Homeopathy, LCCH.
Registered Nurse (AHPRA).

Personal Experience

Michelle brings her parenting experience to clinic in the way she engages with parents, children of all ages and people living in stressed family systems. She has a strong reputation for supporting young people and adults in crisis.

Mental Health Background

Michelle worked as a registered nurse in a diverse range of general ward settings in Australia and the UK before specialising in Mental Health over 20 Years ago. Michelle continues to work in the public mental health sector and has attained a specialist qualification (Credentialed Mental Health Nurse or CMHN) to provide services in private practice.

Michelle is passionate about finding the gaps in mental health service in the Hawkesbury and liaising with stakeholders to fill these gaps and assist people’s recovery. Her overarching goal is to provide holistic services to help restore mental/emotional ease. She is a member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and has current registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA) as a registered nurse.

“Michelle is a highly effective practitioner whose years of training, clinical experience and positive results make her brilliant in her field. Her kind, compassionate and approachable manner creates a wonderful healing environment. Michelle's expertise has helped me confront and work through many of my own personal issues over the years and I have always known my children's health is in safe hands. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to my clients or to anyone else who may choose this amazing path to better mental and physical health.”

MD, Sydney

How I came to Homoeopathy

I want to share with you my personal story. It was the start of my homeopathic journey and began with my skin. I was working as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit and had terrible eczema on both hands. It continually blistered, leaked fluid and cracked. It was intensely itchy and painful and I was so self-conscious. I avoided shaking hands with people and tried to hide them as much as possible. Constant hand washing at work aggravated my skin and I eventually had to wear hospital gloves to prevent spreading/contracting infection. Cortisone would relieve my symptoms, but as soon as I stopped using it, the eczema would come back worse. I was also aware of the complications of topical corticosteroids and was looking for a more natural option for long-term health and happiness.

After a good recommendation, I went to see a homeopath in London. Because homeopathy is holistic medicine, the consultation covered all of my complaints – mental, physical and emotional. I don't think I realized how out of balance and stressed I had become. I remember the homeopath, Rachel, telling me that the skin is the most superficial organ where disease can manifest and that before it went, the deeper aspects would need to resolve first.

My healing journey had to go via the deeper layers and it took over a year for my eczema to completely go. There were times of frustration with the process, because I went to have my eczema treated and after several months, it was still there! Rachel went back over my case and reminded me of the other complaints - chronic fatigue, chronic thrush and cystitis, amongst others. They had all resolved, gently and quietly – so much so, that I had forgotten I even had them.

From the very first homeopathic medicine my sense of wellbeing and vitality significantly improved, and this is what kept me going. I just felt better.

By the time my eczema finally cleared, my health was in a very different place and I was on a mission to find out more about this science and art of homeopathy, which led me to becoming a homeopath.