Chantal’s Story

Chantal’s Story

My journey with Homeopathy started just over 23 years ago, when I had been sick for 2 months, been on 3 courses of antibiotics, eventually leading to Pleurisy(so bad, I could not drive, because I could not move my left arm to change gears). My first baby was 4 months old, and I was clearly not coping, so my Dad got a referral to a homeopath for me. He assured me I didn't have to change my diet(I could even have milk with my breakfast), put me on something homeopathic(I have no idea what it was).. and after just 2 days, I had almost fully recovered!

I went on to raise my 2 children on homeopathic meds, but it was purely for a bit of earache or a runny green nose. I did not ever have to take them back to a GP for an antiobiotic.

I did have a problem with my daughter, still bed-wetting at the age of 5

and a half, and decided to get some help. After 6 days on homeopathic meds, she never wet her bed ever again! It was like a miracle!Don't ask me why I waited so long??

My homeopath, Ann Haw, back in South Africa, later gave me a Homeopathic guidebook for the family, which I often used for acute cases.

We also had an incident with my son, only 4-yrs old then, who just started screaming, for no apparent reason. I could not calm him down, so rushed down to Ann. After a couple of minutes chatting, she popped something under his tongue(he was still screaming), and within minutes he had started calming down, and had settled by the time we left her room. She worked out that he might have touched something at home and it got into his eyes. Remarkable. I love that Homeopaths seem to ask the right questions(because they have a personal interest in the patient), and get to the source of the problem.

Many years later, I had developed an intense pain in my lower abdomen, that kept me awake at night. I imagined it might be our mattress. Then, one day, a friend of mine asked if I had spoken to Ann about it. It hadn't even crossed my mind to see a homeopath about the pain. So, off I went, and as usual, after an hour long chat, she medicated me in the room and said, come back in 2 weeks. I returned, got chatting about the family and how certain relationships had improved. Then she asked me about the pain.

"What pain?" I was confused at the question, forgetting that was why I had seen her in the first place. And, NO, I did not have to change my mattress! 8 years later, and that pain has never returned.

My husband, had his turn, eventually. He never went to doctors, never mind a homeopath!But, one morning he woke up with his lips 5 times the size, swollen and itchy. He had to go and see a doctor. after a course of antibiotics, and creams, there was very little improvement. I laughed and said,"Why don't you go see Ann?" He was desperate, otherwise he never would have gone. She treated him for stress, and he recovered immediately.

In 2013, the four of us moved over to Australia, and I felt I was coping, but was crying a lot, started getting regular headaches, suffered from cold sores and was very uncomfortable leaving the house. I had my teenage eczema return, and developed heavy menstrual bleeding.

I was so happy to meet Michelle, who reminded me so much of Ann. And there I would go, pouring my heart out, in search for help. I think its been 2 years, since I have been back to see Michelle.

I don't get headaches anymore or cold sores. I underwent a UFE(uterine fibroid embolisation) to stop the heavy bleeding. My eczema has virtually disappeared(still pops up every now & then, for a few days, then goes). But overall, I have never felt better. The greatest improvement is my mental state, no more PMS, and now contributing to a happy environment for my family at home. I would say, I almost feel as happy as I was as a child. What a load off my shoulders! Thank you Michelle for listening.

I love it when my family come to ME now, for acute things like, colds, headaches, sore throat, hayfever, etc. My daughter, aged 23, is treating her puppy with homeopathy, with great results; and also herself, for acute cases.