Kate’s Story

My journey with homeopathy started when my first child was 6 months old. It was coming into winter and I wanted to protect her from illness without using products with side effects. As a child,
I was constantly on antibiotics suffering tonsillitis and knew it wasn’t the answer to building up an immune system in a child. I came
across Michelle’s “Homeopathy in the Home” first aid course and enrolled straight away.

The course was fantastic it offered great practical advice, courage to prescribe and a kit to take home that I never keep far from me now. The following 5 years I used my homeopathy kit to relieve the regular colds, flus, constipation and fevers. Some skeptic friends would say “they are just sugar pills that work like placebos” but I would laugh them off knowing that at one point I had been bed ridden with

Mastitis, and within half an hour of taking Phytolacca I was able to get up and shower and feed my baby again; and it was my 2 year old suffering a high fever that vanished within minutes of taking Belladonna and she doesn’t know a placebo means!

The things that attract me to homeopathy is that it deals with emotional health too. My 3 year old starting preschool bought up many emotions for her and myself! Children being teary, not coping or clingy is often frowned upon as bad behaviour but these feelings are just like a sore throat or runny nose, just the body’s way of showing us we need balancing again.

Our family chooses to use natural therapies for all complaints but sometimes we cannot get an Osteo appointment for a week or we don’t have time to get to yoga classes but with our homeopathy kit I can prescribe at home at any time of the day with no complaints from the kids.

It wasn’t until my eldest hit school I realised that we are not the “norm”. Many classmates are on antibiotics routinely for ear aches and wondering why they are reoccurring. When I say that all of my children have never used antibiotics, they just don’t believe it. Yes, my children do get sick but instead of reaching for the Panadol or Keflex, we listen to the symptoms, understand why they are happening and treat them.

We will always opt for natural therapies as they work for us and I know I am investing in the health of our children. Building immunity will build strong adults and generations to come.

Kate Clarke, Mummy to Tara 10 and Mason 7, Brody 3, Lauren 1.